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At Tree Mystic we are committed to bringing all people into a deep, profound partnership and communion with the natural world. We offer Forest Therapy Walks, Retreats and Private Healing in Nature.
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Tree Mystic was started by New Zealander Hannah McQuilkan a qualified Naturopath, Medical Herbalist, Aromatherapist and Forest Therapy Guide with 18 years experience in the wellness industry. Hannah has always had a close relationship to nature and the many beings who inhabit this space. As a Tree Mystic Hannah sees her role is to spread the love of nature across the planet. The name Tree Mystic speaks to both Hannah’s gift of communion with the more than human world and also the wisdom that the trees and other beings share with us.

Working with Tree Mystic will support you to find a way back to living a meaning filled life, full of the rich experiences as humans we yearn for. No matter where you are on your journey, whether you seek to heal from an illness, clear blocks to fulfilling your life purpose or simply create a better quality of life, Tree Mystic can show you a path where the earth becomes your ally and your life becomes the joyful dance it was meant to be.

Please join the conversation by checking out our experiences on the ‘Experiences’ page and our blog.

Hannah runs workshops and events both within New Zealand and internationally, you can contact her here.

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