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At Tree Mystic we are committed to bringing all people into a deep, profound partnership and communion with the natural world. We do this through creating experiences that are specifically designed to shift your perspective, so you begin to experience yourself as intimately one with nature.

Tree Mystic was started by Hannah McQuilkan a qualified Naturopath, Medical Herbalist, Aromatherapist and Certified Forest Bathing Guide. As Hannah is a New Zealander, the Tree Mystic experiences are seeped in the culture and traditions of this land. She also seeks to learn and incorporate the many ancient practices of nature connection found in different cultures.

Tree mystics could be described as ‘Neo-Indigenous’, laying down a pathway for this time, that leads people back to their total unity with planet earth and all the creatures who inhabit her. For too long humanity has experienced itself as separate from the planet that gave us life, it is time to heed the call home and to walk the path that will not only save humanity but all of life on this planet.

Please join the conversation by checking out our experiences on the ‘Wellness Adventures’ page and our blog.

Hannah is available to speak and lead experiences anywhere in the world, you can contact her here.

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