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This private nature healing experience draws on my 20 years experience in the health and wellness industry, combining shamanism, energy healing work, crystals, aromatherapy and Forest Bathing practices. This unique healing session will leave you feeling rejuvenated, clearer regarding your path and purpose and empowered to take the next steps toward leading a life you love.
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Private Healing In Nature



Nature already has all the answers you need. During this empowering and supportive session, I guide you in connecting with nature to provide insights and answers for any area of life. My 20 years of experience in the Wellness Industry have created this unique combination of Forest Therapy practices, shamanism and energy healing to support you in clearing anything no longer supporting your journey so you are clearer regarding your path and purpose, free to let go of anything stopping you from moving forward and empowered to take next steps, leading to a life you love.

These private sessions can be held in your own garden or in the gorgeous Domain Park.


After the session you will feel:

– A deep and profound connection to nature
– Deeply relaxed and rejuvenated
– Clearer regarding your path and purpose
– Free to let go of anything stopping you from moving forward
– Empowered to take next steps, leading to a life you

Energy Exchange of $120 per 2 hour session.

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Alicia: New Zealand
“I was blown away with my forest therapy experience, I felt deeply connected to the forest and intune with myself because of it. Hannah who guided me through the process had a profound wealth of knowledge, I felt I was seeing nature in a whole different light. Thank you Tree Mystic for reconnecting me with myself and Mother Earth.”

Karin: Austria

“I was so curious about it and wasn’t disappointed – such an amazing experience, no words to describe it. I recommend to try it 😉 Hannah is simply the best.”

Janine: South Africa
“Hannah has a beautiful down to earth personality. She is very knowledgeable and being in her space, and in the forest, I found a peace, and a good feeling of finding your roots.”

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